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Patient Reviews

  • "I would highly recommend Dr. Zoe Segree to anyone seeking a professional and trust worthy Chiropractor or therapist. We have all had great results and improvement in the way we feel. I believe that Dr. Zoe Segree is very knowledgeable in the field of Chiropractic and Herbal Medicine. She is an educator as well as a practitioner to me personally. I value her opinions very much. She is a very honest, caring, and positive person who genuinely cares about your well being. Her goal is to make you aware of the importance of proper spinal alignment as it relates to the entire body, while making you pain free without the use of conventional drugs. My every visit to Dr. Segree has been a pleasant and worthwhile experience. I've come to know her not only as my chiropractor, but also as my friend."
    Selena Phipps: 3/18/1999
  • "Dr. Segree, so happy your're in Franklin County and thank you for attempting all your knowledge in helping me with my constant pain. Looking forward to seeing you again."
    Leslie Taylor: 6/16/1999
  • "Dr. Zoe, thank you so much for helping my husband while we were in Florida. He would have been miserable the whole time if you hadn't helped him, thanks again."
    Marlene Phillips: 6/16/2003
  • "Dr. Zoe, just a quick note to say 'thank you'! The movement in my shoulder is grand. Your treatment did the trick!! I slept on that side without pain last night...something I haven't been able to do in weeks. Thanks again... see you next month."
    Bonnie Ucheil: 2/26/2003
  • "Dr. Zoe, thank God you are here! As clumsy as I am I need you monthly... & sometimes weekly! You are such a blessing to me, as a professional and as a great person. May God bless you and yours today and always."
    Beth Moseley: 12/18/2007
  • "Thank ;you so much, I was in so much pain, you saved my vacation, myself and my friends say thank you from the bottom of my heart."
    Lidia Taylor (Indiana): 8/29/2007
  • "Dear Dr. Segree, just a note to "thank you" for a great first visit the other day. Being able to see you made the balance of my vacation so relaxing and enjoyable. The next time we're here from Atlanta, I'll definitely come and see you again. I'm very appreciative of what you did for me."
    Rebecca: 9/27/2008
  • "I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for your help in making this possible. (Able to walk my daughter on her wedding day)"
    Jon Black: 5/1/2008
  • "Heather and I appreciate you so very much! You are a great blessing to our family. I frequently pray for you and your family."
    Pastor Casey Smith: 1/23/2008
  • "Dr. Zoe and Staff, thank you for all that you have done for me these pass 7 months. I came in barely able to walk and you and God have done miracles."
    Shirley Byrd: 1/30/2008
  • "Thanks for always making me feel better physically and emotionally. It works hand in hand. Take care and God Bless you always. Jeremiah 29:11"
    Amy Ham: 5/8/2008
  • "Dear Dr. Zoe, when I washed my hair last night, it was the first time in 2 years that I could use both hands! So, to others who have had total shoulder replacement and rotator cuf repair, there is hope for regaining use of the arm. It is indeed a slow process however with your help and encouragement it can happen. Thank you so much for being here for me. May the Lord Bless you and keep you always in his care."
    Joy: 6/26/2007
  • "Thank God for Dr. Zoe. I appreciate your care and compassion for people."
    Mike Mock: 6/28/2007
  • "Dr. Zoe, thank you so much! You have made all the difference in my back! I walk, sleep and even sit better. Thank you so much for everything."
    Kendall Huckeba: 5/21/2008
  • "I thank our God for your "healing" tough! Thank you for your service to him in serving others. I so look forward to my weekly visits to your water massage table and the others. They make a very stressful week pass into one of peace. Thank you so much for what you have been able to do in my body, what I believe medicines can not. I pray that our Lord continues to bless your gift, you and your family."
    Ruby Hodge: 3/2010
  • "Dr. Zoe is the bomb. I have gone to her for several ailments and she never disappoints. She helped my back, shoulder, everything! She is the real deal and her staff has great customer service."
    Jess Gay: 4/8/2010
  • "You are absolutely a God sent, I've enjoyed every visit with you, you make everyone feel special. You have helped me tremendously. Your staff has a wonderful way with people. Your compassion is hard to come by. Thank you all for everything. God Bless you and your family and staff. I am thankful that I met you. You are the best, a friend as well as a professional."
    D. Willis: 9/2010
  • "You have been a God sent to my life in so many ways. You have made a positive impact on me physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you for not only being an awesome tool God has used to help bring healing and relief to the people of this community but for always being a truly wonderful friend."
    Michelle Moore: 2010
  • "I just want to say thank ;you for all you have done for me and my family. Thank you for blessing me with a job when I needed one. Thank you for letting me steal your name for my Kid=) and last but not least, thank you for being such an inspiration and for being part of my wise council crew! I love ;you and can't wait to see what all God does in your practice."
    Denise Burkett: 2010
  • "Thank you for making my mother feel better and being so sweet every-time we come in!"
    Ashlee Amos: 11/16/2010
  • "Dear Dr. Zoe, you help my grandma's back a lot and my grandpa's too!"
    Shaylee: 2011
  • "Thank you so much for always making us feel better. Thank ;you for always being here for us at a moments notice. Don't know what we would do without you. P.S. you have a great staff also! Your girls make us feel very comfortable!"
    George, Brenda & Jalynn Segree: 2/1/2011
  • "Thank you so much for helping me get better. You have done wonders for my neck. I can actually bend my neck back and wash my hair for the first time in 4 years. You and your staff are very sweet and kind and show compassion, very caring. I would still be in severe pain due to my fibromyalgia. You are very good at your job. I will always keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers."
    Jenifer Page: 2/22/2011
  • "Thank you so much for always being here for us. Thank you for helping me with my neck and back. May God bless you and your family and staff."
    Jesse Page: 2/22/2011
  • "Dr. Zoe, I appreciate you and all that you're doing. The first day I came to visit, you knew exactly where the spot was! That was on point! Seeing to how I was pregnant, that banana really hit the spot ! (I had 2)... By the time I leave here, I hope my back and neck is completely better, thanks a million."
    Moochie: 5/11/2011
  • "God sent Dr. Zoe to Franklin County."
    Chester Creamer: 6/15/2011
  • "Dr. Zoe, you are wonderful. This has been a blessing. I do feel you care very much for each of your patients. I also know the lord sent me hear so you can do work on my back as well as my well being. God bless you and your staff and family."
    Martha Elaine Flournoy: 9/20/2011


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